White Lightning CleanStreak Aerosol Degreaser

I've used this maybe 2x and now the 12oz can is almost empty.  I bought it for almost $10 at Performance Bike.  I think I could have used it 3x but I tried to do a more thorough job when I clean the chains on my road bike and I sprayed at least a couple of rounds. It is convenient and makes for quick and easy cleaning.  It is not as thoroughly clean as other cleaning methods but it is a good enough clean between tune-ups or between major cleaning or in the middle of the biking season.  It does a pretty good job keeping my bike clean as it blasts away dirt and grease off my drivetrain.  After I spray, it's pretty much ready to go.  It leaves a shining clean look.  But if you look closer, you can still see some of the dirt.  I'll do a major cleaning with powerwash about once a year but this is good enough in between the major washes.


Bitter Melon Powder by Starwest Botanicals

     Well, it is bitter--it is bitter melon after all. Bought it on Amazon.  I got these believing that bitter melon is supposed to be good for controlling blood sugar. I'm not diabetic but diabetes runs in my family so this is just one of my preventative measures especially since my blood sugar had always been approaching the high end. I really don't like the taste of bitter melon so I figure tossing it in my smoothie drinks will kinda dilute that taste.  Once it's in my smoothie drink, I can't taste the bitterness. I do taste the bitter melon but it blends well with the other ingredients in my smoothies. In my smoothies, I usually put kale, banana, apple juice cider, carrots, arugula, pickled beets, and this bitter melon powder. 

Skechers Relaxed Fit Monavo Sneaker -

     I have been looking for something multipurpose and also comfortable–I have moderate arch and slight pronation and I do a lot of walking in the city.  I don’t like owning too many shoes but with these shoes, they go well with my suit and tie as well as my weekend wear, including even shorts and t-shirt kinda wear.  They’re super comfortable and I can walk in them all day.  The gray color and style seem pretty neutral and I can easily match them with any of my everyday outfit.  This is my one shoe for many activities like work, weekend shopping, dining, picnics, etc.  I’m buying another pair just to make sure they don’t sell out on me when it’s time for replacement. I go to different DSW’s but I’ve only seen this pair at the DSW store on 34th St. in Manhattan.  Not sure why so I’ll have to purchase my next pair of these online.  

Under Armour Micro G Running Shoes 

I'm not sure which specific brand these are but these are my most favorite running shoes ever.  These have been my shoes (running and weekend shoes) since 2011.  I was on my second pair just recently but now that is time to replace that last pair, I can't find these anymore.  I've looked everywhere but I think Under Armour stopped making these already.  So now I'm back to experimenting with the right shoes again.  

The cushioning on these Under Armour was great especially since I have trouble with my heel strike and I now get heel pain around that heel bone spur area.    Besides the cushion, these shoes actually made my feet land a little less on the heel when I'm running.  They're really light and running was so much easier.  I'm now experimenting with several Brooks running shoes but it's not the same anymore.  These Under Armour shoes felt a bit more snug around the feet.  These shoes were also water resistant and so they were perfect for rainy weather running.  I will miss these shoes.  Let's see how these Brooks running shoes work for me.  As of now, I'm leaning more towards going back to some other Under Armour brand because I'm again staring to get that heel pain back.  

I really believe that it is important to have the right running shoes.  I know people who run without really considering what shoes they have on.  That used to be me but now I can tell the difference.  The shoes can dictate how my feet land, my running form, and the distance I can go.  I haven't been able to run more than 5 miles since I stopped using my Under Armour.  My feet get exhausted easily now so I have to find that right shoe again soon!