D-Link Wireless Day/Night Cloud Network Camera w/ Remote Viewing DCS-932L

   I've been searching for a camera to add to my already set-up security system. This D-Link DCS-932L seems to do the job for a good reasonable price.  They are separate from the security system I already have so that means I have to access the D-link app separately from my security system's app.  These are cameras with remote viewing so I like how I can download the app on my phone and just stream from my phone.  I can't seem to be able to access via Google Chrome or Safari because of the requirements but I can access it via Firefox--sometimes.  Not sure why yet.  I can only change the the advanced settings such as motion sensor sensitivity and schedule on a PC and not on the app. So I have to figure out how to get my browsers to access it.  Would be nice since I don't like to have my smartphone streaming the video all the time. I'd like to just be able to stream via my PC.  It does however take a lot of bandwidth to stream live so I have these cameras connected to a separate router so that it doesn't slow down my other connected devices.

I like how the cameras are portable and can install anywhere. I tend to move these around the house. I plan to get another D-Link camera--one that records or snaps a photo when motion is detected.  

Price is reasonable, set-up is pretty easy.  It could take some time linking up the WPS of your wifi system to the D-Link cameras but other than that, set-up is pretty straightforward.